Camp Canopy

Camp Canopy Return Campers Travel to Sawmill!

Each year at Camp Canopy, we offer a special trip or activity to the campers that have attended in past years. Our intent is to show them something different and expand their learning about forestry and wildlife. In years past, we’ve mist-netted songbirds and taken trips on boats across Leesville Lake. We’ve also seen an active timber harvest and learned how the harvesting equipment works, which is always fascinating. Other years we have looked at past timber harvests and explored how the forest has regenerated.  This year, we are very excited to announce that we will be touring a high speed sawmill!  Denoon Lumber has graciously offered to provide a tour of their state of the art sawmill in Jefferson County!

Denoon Lumber started as a family operated sawmill over 50 years ago and today harvests and produces some of the finest quality lumber in the world. We will be touring the log yards to see the logs that come in to be sawn into lumber, as well as watch each step of the process from debarking to sawing, to sorting the final product. This tour is made possible with generous support by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry, who is sponsoring the bus to transport us to the sawmill! Thank you to the Division of Forestry and Denoon Lumber!