Camp Canopy

New Classes for 2018

Check our our new 2018 classes…

What’sssss the Word on Reptilessssss?

Leave your fear of snakes at home! We are learning about reptiles this year! FFA Camp Muskingum has several education animals that we will be meeting and greeting before we head out into the woods to learn about reptile monitoring and research techniques (we might even catch a few snakes!).

Outdoor Survival and Mammal Trapping

We will also have an outdoor survival skills class! Think compass navigation, building fires and shelters, and eating worms and insects. Ok, maybe not that last one – we’ll try to avoid a true Bear Grylls experience! We are bring back John Boilegh to teach this class. Those of you that are past campers will remember other classes John has taught, such as Ancient Ohioans (remember atlatls (spear throwing)??). So this new survival class is sure to be a good time!

Mammal trapping, anyone? This class will go over a variety of different traps, how they are used, and a trapping demo around FFA Camp Muskingum.

And last but not least…High Ropes!

One of our favorite things about this camp, is that many campers return year after year to keep learning and to hang out with camp canopy friends they’ve made along the way. So this year we wanted to do something to say ‘hey, thanks’ to our return campers. We are offering 3rd and 4th year campers a chance to get up close and personal with the canopy part of Camp Canopy! FFA Camp Muskingum has a new high ropes course, and it will be open for business during camp. Campers who want to partake in the high ropes course need to sign up during registration on Sunday. There is an additional cost of $10 per camper. Don’t worry, if you have a fear of heights or are uncomfortable for any reason, you can opt out and attend Ecology, which is where the 1st and 2nd year campers will be. 1st and 2nd years – don’t fret because in a few years or less, you too will have the chance to attend a special class!

We hope you are as excited about this year’s new classes as we are! See you soon!