Camp Canopy

Do you know what this species is? You will after camp this year! (But just in case you can't wait to find out, the answer is at the bottom of the article!)

Camp Canopy Classes and Rec Break Activities: What's New for 2019?

We have an awesome line-up of classes this year. Our own Eric Hayes will be teaching about Forest Invasives, where you will learn how to ID invasive plants, but also how to manage them (with a probable herbicide application demonstration)! Emilee Hardesty and Marne Titchenell have lined up a Waterfowl ID class this year, and Al Parker from Zane State University will be teaching a Wild Edibles in the Woods class. Last but certainly not least – Jeremy Scherf and Eric Hayes will be co-teaching Forestry Forensics! Yes, it will be as cool as it sounds.
This year the archery and rifle ranges will be open again during recreation breaks on Tuesday and Wednesday. Campers interested in participating at the rifle range must remember to bring $5 for a box of 50 shells.
Themed hikes will also occur during rec breaks on Monday through Wednesday. We also have a new recreational break activity up our sleeve…this year we will be taking one of our themed hikes… to the water! One of our themed hikes will occur in kayaks and canoes as we take a trip around the lake. #campcanopyboatfloat2019
3rd and 4th year campers will have the option to go the High Ropes Course (it will be open this year!) on Wednesday instead of attending Ecology. There is an additional $10 per person cost for this activity. You can sign up and make your payment during registration at camp on Sunday, June 9th. 
Be sure to check out the full list of activities and classes on our 2019 Camp Canopy schedule

Did you guess the waterfowl species in the picture? It’s the ring-necked duck. Or as I always call it, the Moby Dick Duck. Can you see the white whale on the side of the duck’s body?  ~Marne Titchenell