Camp Canopy

Results of Parent Survey

At the end of camp last year, we asked our camper’s parents to fill out a quick survey. While we only heard from a handful of parents, we were thankful for the results we received. Below are the results to the very first Parent Survey.

  • 8 parents filled out the survey (hey, thanks).
  • 3 were parents to first year campers and 5 were parents to returning campers.
  • Most parents found out about camp from the newspaper or camp’s website.
  • Parents decided to send their campers to Camp Canopy because:
    • their campers were interested in the outdoors
    • their campers want to pursue a career in natural resources
    • a sibling went and had a great time
  • Most parents make decisions regarding summer camp registration Jan -March.
  • All parents felt that their camper was very satisfied with their time spent in classes. Some of the favorite classes listed were Dendrology, Electrofishing, Reptile ID, Wildlife Mgt, Mammal Trapping, Resource Management, and the field tour. Favorite recreational activities mentioned were the dance, rifle range, and water Olympics.
  • When asked which activities campers like the least, parents replied that learning so much in a short time was tough, the python was a bit scary, and (our favorite) nothing!
  • Suggestions for future activities or classes were pollinators, invasive species, visits to logging sites with best management practices (bmps) in place, and continued trips to local businesses.
  • All parents were very satisfied with the overall Camp Canopy program and would recommend camp to another parent. (Aw, shucks, we are glad to hear that!)

Thanks again to all the parents who took the time to fill out the survey! Below are some testimonials we just couldn’t help sharing. 

“My son appreciated the people who spoke during each class. It was great that local professionals came to speak with them individually.”

“[My daughter] loved the experience and go a lot out of it. She was really inspired…thought everyone was nice and really was thankful for the experience.”

“This was [my daughter’s] first camp. She had a great time and looks forward to next year.”

“My son attended the previous year. He enjoyed it so much he even said he would pay for it himself! Camp Canopy has given my son direction as to his future career possibly in forestry.”