Camp Canopy

Hello Parents and Guardians of Camp Canopy Campers!

We have a very important favor to ask of you. We would like to know what YOU thought of Camp Canopy! Would you be willing to take just a few minutes of your time to fill out this survey? 

Every year we ask our campers to fill out an evaluation form on the last day of camp and we always get great feedback from them. Often times, we take that feedback and make changes to our schedule, or incorporated a suggested class topic idea. This year, in addition to the camper feedback, we would LOVE to hear from the parents and guardians of our campers. Don’t be shy and don’t hold back. Let us know what you thought – the good and the not-so-good. We feel that any kind of feedback can only make Camp Canopy stronger. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you have a great rest of the summer.

Thank you so much!

~ Marne Titchenell, Jeremy Scherf, and Emilee Hardesty

Camp Canopy Co-Directors